Complete Service Package


Royal Events is a full-service event decor, design & production company that offers a large variety of exclusive pieces of Candles, specialty Lighting, furniture, linens, and of course Pipe and Drape, privacy walls and so much more.

With a minimum in rentals, our Royal Package includes the full setup of lighting & decor, a ceremony flip to reception if needed, and a complete breakdown and return of the items rented back to our warehouse all that same evening. Why worry about the design and décor when we can take care of it all!

Royal Staging Service

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Closeup of two new modern blue couch chairs by windows with natural light and pillows

Once you have reviewed and selected the items of choice and the type of service necessary, we will then create an open invoice requiring a deposit of 50% of the total amount along with a contract stating that the balance is due no later than 30 Days prior to the event. Terms and stipulations are inclusive of contract.

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